Overview Up
2013 RCO; Table 302.2(1) (9.85 KB)
2014 National Electrical Code Update (59.9 KB)
2017 Jurisdictional Chart (48.71 KB)
Adopted Codes in Ohio - 2019 (200.14 KB)
After Hours Inspection Request Form (79.38 KB)
Appeals Board Hearing Request (49.19 KB)
Building Permit Application Form (308.28 KB)
Commercial Certificate of Occupancy Request Form (296.13 KB)
Commercial Hood Document Requirements (73.96 KB)
Commercial Partial Occupancy Permit Form (113.32 KB)
Commercial Plan Review Application (166.7 KB)
Commercial Plan Review Fees (Example) (78.4 KB)
Commercial Plan Review Submittal Checklist (91.25 KB)
Commercial Site Improvement Permit Application (300.09 KB)
Commercial Time-Limited Occupancy Permit (127.41 KB)
Contractor Registration Packet (135.15 KB)
Conventional Light-Frame Construction Information (38.24 KB)
Electrical Permit Application (311.14 KB)
Electronic Plan Submittal Guidlines (48.66 KB)
Fire Alarm Fire Suppression Review Application (68.9 KB)
Fire Alarm or Fire Suppression Information (52.09 KB)
Fire Protection Permit Application (278.8 KB)
Flood Hazard Area Development Permit Application (290.04 KB)
Gas Pressure Test Form - Commercial Only (48.13 KB)
Homeowner's Affidavit (57.49 KB)
Indemnity Agreement (73.29 KB)
Kitchen Hood or Hood Suppression Plan Review Form (65.33 KB)
Mechanical Permit Application (427.3 KB)
Overhead Electrical Service Diagram (166.47 KB)
Plumbing Permit Application (365.37 KB)
Power Turn-on Request Form (161.19 KB)
Remove Contractor by Contractor (34.64 KB)
Remove Contractor by Property Owner (37.85 KB)
Request for Copies (169.92 KB)
Required Inspections - Commercial (31.68 KB)
Required Special Inspections (13.02 KB)
Residential CO Request Form (314.12 KB)
Residential Deck Information (398.25 KB)
Residential Plan Review Submittal Form (222.45 KB)
Shower Test Affidavit (50.45 KB)
Signage Plan Review Application (89.18 KB)
Statement of Special Inspections (299.04 KB)
Tent Permit Requirements (43.88 KB)
Type A and B Family Day Care Facilities (137.39 KB)
Underground Service One-Line Diagram (174.61 KB)
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