Special Service or Police Pursuit CBRNE 11-30-17 2PM
Ferric Chloride for the Department of Sanitary Sewer Services 11-10-17 2PM
Summit County Jail Sanitary Sewer Lateral Grinder Project 11-08-17 2PM
SUM CR 8-09.08 North Main Street Bridge Improvements (rebid) 11-07-17 2PM
Vehicle Exhaust System Upgrade Project 10-26-17 2PM
Truck Mounted Forklift 10-20-17 2PM
Probate Court Courtroom Renovation Project 10-04-17 2PM
Inmate Commissary Services at the Summit County Jail 09-29-17 3PM
Community Based Correctional Facility - Boiler Replacement Project 09-21-17 2PM
Ballistic Helmets for Homeland Security Region 5 SWAT Teams 08-28-17 2PM
Special Service/Police Pursuit SUV's, Homeland Security Region 5 Bomb Squads 08-29-17 2PM
SUM CR8-09.08 North Main Street Bridge Improvement 08-14-17 2PM
Monitoring and Operation of the DJFS SCOPE Program 08-02-17 2PM
SCBA and Accessories for Type II HazMat Team 07-27-17 2PM
Portable Radios and Accessories 07-24-17 2PM
Summit County Courthouse Facade Renovation Project, 209 S. High St., Akron, Ohio 07-21-17 2PM
Specialized Flatbed Heavy Duty Truck 07-14-17 2PM
Summit County Community Support Services Parking Lot Improvement-640 Wolf Ledges, Akron 06-30-17 2PM
RFP-Leased Space for 9th District Court of Appeals 06-30-17 4PM
Project Manager-Dispatch Consolidation Project 06-27-17 2PM
Q-184 Pump Station No. 11 and Olde Eight Trunk Sewer Improvement Project 06-14-17 2PM
Ballistic Helmets-Homeland Security Region 5 SWAT Teams 06-12-17 2PM
Special Service or Police Pursuit SUV's-Homeland Security Region 5 Bomb Squads 06-12-17 2PM
Full Face Piece CBRNE Air Purifying Respirator Mask-Homeland Security Region SWAT Teams 06-12-17 2PM
Lease of Space for Animal Control Pet Supplies Store-Summit County Animal Control 05-25-172PM
Portable Radio Accessories 05-22-17 2PM
Type II HazMat Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) 05-22-17 2PM
Mobile Hospital with Trailer 05-19-17 2PM
Boston Mills Road County Highway 32 - Phase 1 Resurfacing   05-15-17 2PM
Specialized Flatbed Heavy Duty Truck 05-08-17 2PM
Vanderhoof Bridge Replacement over the Tuscarawas River CLOSED
Parking Lot Improvements at 1030 Tallmagdge Avenue  CLOSED
Payroll Services for the 2017 Summer Youth Employment Program CLOSED
Resurfacing Program (405) - EXTENSION CLOSED
HVAC Replacement for Summit County Children Services Training Center - EXTENSION CLOSED
Culvert Replacement Program CLOSED
Resurfacing Program - South 441 (448) CLOSED
Resurfacing Program - North 441 (448) CLOSED
Resurfacing Program (405) CLOSED
Resurfacing for Boston Mills Road Phase 1 CLOSED
Asphalt Rejuvenating  CLOSED
Pavement Marking Program (Item 643)  CLOSED
Pavement Marking Program (Item 642)  CLOSED
Crack Sealing Program  CLOSED
422 Resurfacing CLOSED
Concrete Pavement Repair Program  CLOSED
Five Year Full Maintenance Agreement for HVAC at the Summit County Jail CLOSED
Five Year Full Maintenance Agreement for HVAC at the Summit County Medical Examiner's CLOSED
Lease of Space for Food Service Operations at the County of Summit Courthouse CLOSED
Summit County Safety Building Elevator and Fire Alarm Improvements CLOSED
Paving and Concrete Repair for Summit County Men's CBCF CLOSED
Mobile Hospital with Trailer CLOSED
Bridge Replacement on Greenwich Road CLOSED
Sanitary Sewer Improvements for Middleton Road CLOSED
Trunk Sewer Replacement for Brandywine/Olde 8 CLOSED

Bid Results are available at under the region Ohio and the agency Summit County Executive.




Household Sewage Treatment System Program Septic Tank Replacement at two locations
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