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When a person dies under any of the circumstances listed under Reportable Deaths to the Medical Examiner, the death shall be reported to the Medical Examiner's Department. All deaths are reported to the Medical Examiner's Investigator on duty and not to the Medical Examiner himself. To report a death call the office at (330) 643-2101, day or night, and state that you are reporting a death. It is requested that the following information be given if known:

    • Name and address of the deceased.
    • Age, race, sex, date of birth, and marital status.
    • Occupation of deceased.
    • Address and telephone number of next-of-kin.
    • Time of accident or onset of cause of death. Hour and date.
    • Place, mode and manner of injury.
    • Place of death.
    • Location of deceased
    • Time of death, hour and date.
    • Name of person reporting death.
    • Name of physician who pronounced death.
    • Name of attending physician.
    • Any other pertinent information, such as circumstances surrounding death.
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