The Summit County Emergency Operations Plan Print

The purpose of this Emergency Operations Plan is to provide a framework to help responders and the governmental jurisdictions of Summit County manage an emergency or disaster. This document is meant to help ensure that the County of Summit is prepared to handle any situation, and to reduce the losses in both terms of human life and property damage. This document is not designed to cover every possible scenario, but is intended to provide the framework for broad tasks and actions that are specific to individual hazards, emergencies, and disasters.

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Promulgation Statement
1) Basic Plan
2) Annex A – Direction and Control
3) Annex B – Communications
4) Annex C – Notification and Warning
5) Annex D – Emergency Public Information
6) Annex E – Law Enforcement
7) Annex F – Fire and Rescue
8) Annex G – Engineering, Utilities and Public Works
9) Annex H – Public Health
10) Annex I – Medical
11) Annex J – Evacuation
12) Annex K – Shelter and Mass Care
13) Annex L – Damage Assessment
14) Annex M – Radiological
15) Annex N – Resource Management
16) Annex O – Community Containment
17) Annex P – Behavioral Health
18) Appendix A – Chemical Emergency Response and Preparedness Plan
19) Appendix B – Mass Casualty
20) Appendix C – Anti-Terrorism
21) Appendix D – Mass Fatality
22) Appendix E – Heat Advisory
23) Appendix F – Debris Management Plan
24) Citizen Corp Policy and Procedure Manual
25) Volunteer Reception Center Standard Operating Guidelines
26) Acronyms, Abbreviations and Terms
27) Glossary
28) Record of Changes
29) Record of Approval
30) Record of Distribution
31) Hazard Identification

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