The FTP Server can be used by any ftp client or windows explorer to make the connection. This server requires a user ID and password, but it is for transfers only. Please understand that files placed on this server are to be moved to your own network for backup. This server is not being backed up, so recovery of files placed there will not be possible. Additionally, files on this server will automatically purge after 30 days. All users are to police their own files and keep the server tidy.

When uploading files to the server, please make sure the file name is preceded by agency name (COSE, DOD, PP, DOSSS). This agency prefix will avoid confusion if a vendor is working on projects for multiple agencies. Once the file has been moved to your network server, it can be named following your specific file naming standards.

Please feel free to share this user ID and password with your vendors or anyone in your office who needs access to a location for large file transfer.

Server Address: ftp://ftp.does.summitoh.net
User ID: doesftp
Password: Do3sFTp (this is case sensitive)

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